Mardaani 3 to be announced on Rani Mukerji’s birthday?

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Mardaani 3 to be announced on Rani Mukerjis birthday? The third book in the “Mardaani trilogy” was delayed until April this year. Will this delay be due to the book being published in three parts, or will it be pushed back until next year?

There were a lot of delays with regards to the “Nursery” books. The first two were published at the same time and while they were not a success, the third book managed to sell extremely well. So it would seem that the third book has been pushed back so as to meet the deadline. This news is of interest to fans who have been following the story so far. Is there any chance that the third Mardaani book will be released as early as possible, or is this a false extension? Keep reading to find out.

First we need to find out exactly when Mardaani 3 to be announced on Rani Mukerjis birthday. The book publisher is now hinting on the possibility of a three-part book publication. The hint comes in the form of a tri-fold advertisement placed on the website of the book’s publisher. The clue is very simple, the ad mentions three parts:

Is this the real news? A three-part book is great, especially if you love reading Mardaani and want more of it. But is this a hint or a confirmation? We’ll have to wait and see.

The second question is: will the three part release coincide with Rani’s birthday? We’ve noticed that when Rani is mentioned in any media, it’s often with the phrase, “announced on Rajan Mardaani’s birthday.” So if Rani is to have her birthday on Mardaani, will we get a three part book or a regular book? This is yet another bit of Mardaani news we need to get straight.

And lastly, what is Mardaani 3 to be announced on Rani’s Rani Says website? Is it just another book promotion, or is there some major news about the Mardaani trilogy on the cards? Well, the website doesn’t specifically mention anything about it, but one thing is for sure, there’s no mention of a Mardaani 3 to be announced on Rani’s website at all. So either Rani isn’t planning on having it published anytime soon (which seems highly unlikely) or she has finally given up on publishing Mardaani 3 at all. Which would be rather surprising, seeing how Mardaani 3 has been such a big success since its inception and the demand for a third book in this series is apparently very high.

In any case, Mardaani 3 is still scheduled for publication Q4 2021 and as far as we know, no book tour is underway at the moment. The only confirmed event is the release of the third part of the Mardaani trilogy: “The Witch’s Pupil” by Vikas Swarup. The author also confirmed that the book’s third part will be the last installment and she is hoping to finish it at some point in 2021. Mardaani 3 to be announced on Rani Says is a matter of great speculation at this point and we don’t really know where Rani will go next. Will she sit down with publishers and work out a deal to get the book released on Rani Says, or will Rani decide to just keep it under wraps until the third book is out?

We also know that Rani’s next novel is going to be a coming of age story about an American girl in India who gets sent to stay with an English family on holiday in Pondicherry. We’ll have to wait and see if Rani does get to continue exploring the Mardaani territory, but if she does, it looks like Mardaani 3 may finally be getting a release date. If the third book in the Mardaani trilogy does get a release date, it will most likely be in the Spring of 2021. Mardaani 3 to be announced on Rani Says is one thing, but knowing Rani Mardaani’s decision about Mardaani 3, it might be one we will never know.