Why that statue in Soul means more than you realized

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When Joe (voiced by Jamie Foxx) steals a random name tag with the hopes of escaping the Great Before, he doesn’t realize he’s impersonating Nobel prize-winning child psychologist Dr. Bjorn Börgensson. Until, that is, he’s treated to a personal tour of Dr. Börgensson’s greatest achievements, which have been commemorated somewhere on Earth with a statue in his honor. The statue shows Dr. Börgensson walking hand in hand with a young child, pointing at something in the distance.

This statue probably feels familiar to Disney fans, because it’s a reference to a very similar one that greets guests at Disney parks. Known as “Partners,” the sculpture shows Walt Disney pointing to something in the distance with his right hand, while holding Mickey Mouse’s hand in his left. The real statues are a little larger than life-size: Walt Disney was 5’10”, where the statues stand at 6’5″ to give bronze Walt a better view of his park. And unlike the Hidden Mickeys in Disney Parks that you won’t find without a plane, this scaling-up also makes it easier for even the tiniest of guests to see.